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Residential SIP Buildings

Single-Family Homes:

• Residential SIP buildings use solar power & wind energy
to maintain cost-efficient design.

• Interiors and exteriors can be custom-finished to each
homeowner's specifications.

• Interiors can have all standard finishes such as drywall,
wood or architectural finishes.

• Exteriors can be stucco, brick, stone veneer or various
types of siding materials.

• Multi-level houses are resistant to hurricane-strength
winds and earthquakes.

Residential SIP Building Pic 1

Residential SIP Building Pic 3

Multi-Family Homes:

This example was designed, produced & delivered for earthquake response in L’Aquila, Italy. Each building contains 4 housing units. Each unit is 27.9 square meters per unit / 300 square feet per unit.

Residential SIP Building Pic 4

Advantages of a Precision Panel Building:

• Very fast assembly – panels streamline the construction process

• Resistant to insects, mold and mildew

• Minimal maintenance required

• Withstands extremely high winds

• Airtight construction against rain, wind and sand

• Airtight construction creating extremely high thermal performance

• Requires no water for construction

• Highly energy efficient for solar adaptation

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