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Precision Panel® SIPs


Precision Panels® are a line of stressed skin panels with an Expanded Polystyrene Skin (EPS) core insulation manufactured on a continuous line machine. The pre-painted Galvalume® metal facings are laminated with a two-part thermosetting adhesive to achieve a permanent bond. This creates a tighter building envelope, which leads to better insulation properties and lower energy costs.


Precision Panels® can be used for multiple functions - framing, insulation AND exterior sheathing - allowing the building envelope to be built quickly.


Each SIP has:

● UL Rated Type 1 EPS Foam

● 26 Gauge AZ-50 Galvalume® Metal Skin: ASTM A792 Steel

● Standard Color Is White, Other Colors Are Available

● Test Data For A 6” Thick Panel

• R-Value (ASTM C 1363-05) - 26.30 (4.3/inch)

• ASTM E 108 Class “B” Roofing Assembly - Fire Test

• UL 1715 (UBC 26-3) Wall Corner Assembly - Fire Test

• UL / ASTM E84 Fire Rated Foam Core - 20/150

• ASTM E 90 Acoustical STC Rating - 20




Pipe, Fittings & Vessel Insulation


We use polyisocyanurate foam insulation for the fabrication of sheets, pipe shells, tank and vessel coverings (PVC), and custom shapes for a variety of thermal insulation applications.


Applications for polyisocyanurate foam insulation include:

• Industrial Pipe Insulation, including Elbows and Fittings

• Commercial Chilled Water Insulation

• Tank and Vessel Insulation

• Core Material for Architectural and Structural Panels

• Insulation for Shipping Containers, Trucks or Railcars

• Core Material for Factory-Built Panelized Construction

• Flat or Tapered Board Stock for Roof Insulation




Insulation Accessories


To make PFF your ONE-STOP SHOP for all of your insulation needs, we offer a complete line of insulation and PVC accessories.




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