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Insulation Accessories

PFF also provides a line of insulation accessories and PVC to save you time and make your life easier.


These include:

• Bands (Aluminum, Stainless)

• Seals (Aluminum, Stainless)

• Butyl Caulking (Skinning and Non-Skinning)

• PVC Adhesive (Clear and White)

• Roll Jacketing (Aluminum, Stainless, ASJ and PVC)

• Mastics Tapes (PVC, Strapping, SSL, ASJ)

• Fitting Covers (PVC and Aluminum)

• Froth Pak Foam Kits

• FRP Board and Related Trim

• Nylon Rivets

• White TEC Screws

• Silicone Caulk (White, Clear and Aluminum)


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