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Construction of a Steel-Faced SIP Facility.

Steel-faced SIPs are typically 26-gauge Galvalume® or AZ50 Galvalume® painted skins over a solid foam core. SIPs have been used for many years to build homes, commercial buildings, high-tech assembly rooms and cold storage facilities. Steel-faced SIPs can provide the frame, insulation, moisture barrier and exterior sheathing. For homes, the interior and exterior wall surfaces are finished with the same materials as in traditional construction. The simplicity of the design provides a superior structure and it also greatly streamlines the construction process.



• Superior Steel Construction - Significantly Stronger Than
Frame Lumber

Resistant to High Velocity Winds and Seismic Activity

• Termite Resistant

Energy Efficient - Uses 50-60% Less Energy Than
Conventional Methods

• Low Environmental Impact

• Superior Indoor Air Quality – Mold Resistant

• Faster Construction Time


Take a look inside.

This is an example of how the drywall and electrical outlets are installed.

Steel-Faced SIP example

Below is an example of the roof (6") and the walls (4"). You can also see the electrical wire chase.

Steel-Faced SIP example

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