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At PFF, we have the capacity, engineering expertise and product lines to meet your needs. PFF panels meet every standard where speed of erection, lightness of weight and thermal efficiency are required.

At our 50,000-square-foot manufacturing facility we use a CONTINUOUS-LINE MANUFACTURING PROCESS, which guarantees each panel is produced to meet rigid appearance and performance standards. Our in-house and third-party quality control systems ensure customer satisfaction with our product line, which has resulted in strong customer relationships over the years.

Our Precision Panels® are produced for use in the following construction applications:

• Cold Storage Facilities

• Food Processing (eg. Poultry Processing, Ice Cream Plants,
Juice Processing)

• Cleanrooms (Classes 10 and 100)

• Paper Mills

• Block Curing Kilns

• Single Family Residential Homes

• Daycare Centers and Recreation Facilities

• Public and Private Schools

• Strip Malls and Retail Outlets

• Multi-Story and Single-Story Commercial Buildings

Our pipe insulation will fit applications for most any type and size of ammonia and commercial chilled water pipe, valves and fittings. Our insulation applications include:

• Process Pipe Temperature Control

• Energy Conservation

• Condensation Control

• Freeze Protection

• Personnel Protection

We are also your one-stop-shop for high-performance thermal insulation accessories and PVC.

PFF has been providing expert structural insulation services since 1969. PFF's manufacturing facility in located in Social Circle, Ga., which is conveniently located just 35 miles east of downtown Atlanta.

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